To Whom It May Concern:

As Administrative Assistant to Stephan A. Schwartz, Chairman of the Mobius Society, I would like to acknowledge the contribution that Barbara Soblewski has made in a number of experiments we have done in which the use of intuitive data is part of our methodology.

We are a non-profit research foundation who employ the standards and analytical tools of science along with the intuitional skills of psychic respondents to solve problems that either alone might have been unable to solve.

Ms Soblewski has worked with us as a respondent on criminological as well as archeological probes. In all of our interactions with her she has been dependable, honest and the data she has given us has had a high degree of accuracy.

Hayden Schwartz
Administrative Assistant

This letter is written in support of Barbara Soblewski. She is a gifted Psychic with a genuine talent for criminal cases. She has helped this office with sis cases. Due to her abilities she has saved this office and our clients much time and expense. Indeed in some cases made the solution possible where otherwise the case would have been closed without a solution.

Recently we reviewed here material on the Hillside Strangler Case. It is amazing to see how accurate her information regarding the perpetrator and the victims was. It is truly regrettable that she could not get anyone at the L.A.P.D. to listen to her. It would perhaps have saved the lives of several more victims of this series of killings.

Granted that many people claimed to have information regarding this killer. However some provision surely could have been made for review of her material. Even the most cursory review of it would have shown its accuracy. Few if any of their informants would have been able to provide them with a picture of the perpetrator. Could any of their other sources have provided motive, places frequented, and an insight to the man's personality.

There is a general skepticism in this profession about Psychics. Even this office had reservations about consulting with Ms. Soblewski. However results speak for themselves. Our clients expect results and they get them. We wholeheartedly endorse the use of Ms. Soblewski and her unique talents

Michael D. Murrin
Private Investigator


Allow me to reflect upon my unhesitating and unyielding support and praise of the formidable abilities and wonderful work of Ms. Barbara Soblewski

Ms. Soblewski and I have worked on a number of matters over the years. As with all who have had the good fortune to work with Ms. Soblewski, I have always found her to be not only extraordinarily helpful but also trully remarkable in her vast background, experience, and knowledge in so many diverse and critical areas. Her keen insights and excellent analyses are always coupled with remarkable capacity for making crucial judgments and skillfully handling highly sensitive issues and materials. Most currently, and for several years past, in a major organized and official corruption case which continues to be in resolution, Ms. Soblewski's assistance has been of immeasurable value. As the case continues to unfold I look forward as always to her excellent counsel and assistance.


Frank Stavish
Co-director: FLACTS RSCH./INV.DIV.

Dear Ms. Soblewski,
On the behalf of the membership of the Metro Los Angeles Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children, we wish to thank you and express our deepest appreciation for your support and contributions to our group. Our March meeting was one of several that you have participated in and we sincerely hope that you enjoyed sharing your expertise with our group. Your excellent repertoire gave hope to many of our members. Each time after you have appeared before our membership they have requested that we invite you back.

Sincerely Yours,
Lee Bess,
Metro Los Angeles Chapter Parents of Murdered Children

Dear Barbara,
I want to thank you personally and for the parents you've helped, for the time and energy you've donated to our program. A special thanks from (name omitted) who might still be looking, if not for your efforts.

Thanks Again, Barbara Freeman
Vice President Stolen Children Information Exchange, Inc

I was experiencing numbness and swollen hands for months. I didn't take it seriously; I thought it would go away. It didn't. Eventually I started going to numerous doctors - nothing helped. I was treated for everything from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to a pinched nerve. One day, I asked Barb to tune into it. She said she saw two spots on my spine - one at the base of my neck and the other a few vertebrae down. She advised me to go to a neurologist and get an MRI done immediately. We went on a Friday, was told that the doctor would meet with us in a week to review the film. Over the weekend I began to experience problems with my motor skills in my hands and right leg in addition to the numbness. Barb's strongly insisted that we call the office and leave a message asking that the meeting with the doctor be moved up. Early Monday morning I got a call. My doctor told me that a noted specialist was pulled onto my case and to go to his office as soon as possible. It turned out that I had a herniated disc in the base of my neck that needed immediate surgery. The MRI showed that scarring had occurred on my spinal cord and the damage may be permanent if not operated upon right away. I was not surprised when the surgeon told me that the MRI also showed another heriation a few vertebrae down. Luckily that one did not require treatment at this time. I had emergency surgery performed first thing the next morning.

If it weren't for Barb's adamant prompting, I would have waited - waited to see the neurologist, waited to do the MRI, waited to see the doctor again. I almost had permanent damage to my spinal cord which would have affected my motor skills for the rest of my life. Thanks to Barb, I can resume my career as an actor and artist. Now I get a second chance.

Eternally grateful,
Leo Lee

"Barbara Soblewski Garcia is a special human being, with a very special gift. The insights she has given me have changed the way I think and focus my life. In teaching and coaching actors for 25 years, I have come to realize that one of the secrets to great acting is the understanding of life itself. Without any understanding of ourselves it is all but impossible to understand the craft of building a character.
Barbara will help in understanding the puzzle that is "YOU". Those insights can only further your work as an artist as you walk your path on the search for truth."

Sal Romeo
Acting Teacher

To Whom It May Concern:
I am taking this opportunity to give my recommendation and support to Barbara Soblewski. She was actively involved in aiding our Detectives during a series of homicides.
Mrs. Soblewski gave of her time and talents in an effort to assist in our investigation of several females who were murdered in their apartments and sexually assaulted. I found her cooperation and help a genuine effort to assist my Detectives in the course of their investigation.

J.W. Calnon, Lieutenant Costa Mesa Police Department

"I met Barbara through a friend, who spoke highly of her. I went and was amazed. She said that she saw a contract for services coming soon. The next week I booked a job! Her insight into my family, work and life present and to come left me slack jawed. I would recommend Barbara to anyone. The only part of her that is greater than her insight is her warmth and caring for the people she works with."

-Christopher Holloway

"As a client of Barbara's for the past ten years, I have repeatedly asked Barbara for insight and psychic guidance. I have found her uncannily accurate in her predictions. She has predicted so far into my future that I could not imagine these events actually occurring, yet they have throughout the years. I have sent my daughter to her for assistance in getting her out of an abusive marriage. which she did in a very effective, accurate and caring manner.
I have referred countless friends whom Barbara has accurately guided through their lives as well.

I have been to many psychics over the years and only Barbara Garcia has provided accurate insights on a consistent basis.

I am very honored to have crossed paths with this very gifted and remarkable woman.

-Chris Garvey
Account Executive, Television Advertising

"I have known Barbara for 16 years. Her wisdom and her psychic guidance has helped me accomplish my goals and has shaped the life of myself as well as my family. Her abilities never cease to amaze me. She is such a powerful, phenomenal person and her spirituality is reassuring. I feel Barbara has been a blessing in my life and I am thankful I have had the opportunity to know her and to have her as a part of my life."

-Jeanne Chargois

"Barbara says, 'I see a person's path, but unfortunately most people ask questions about the gravel on the path.' That was definitely me.
I started studying with Barbara in the summer of 1998. Although Barbara taught me practical ways of developing my ESP (lessons in remote viewing, telekinesis, telepathy, etc.), I am first and foremost indebted to her for her spiritual teachings. Barbara's teachings have helped me to stay sane and focused in my career (I am an actor...it's a crazy business). She also helped me to realize that the most important thing in my life was to follow my life's path and complete my spiritual mission. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, according to Barbara it's supposed to be. I just made it hard on myself because I wasn't quite sure what my path and spiritual mission were...
I can never repay Barbara for sharing her gift so generously with me. But Barbara says, 'Don't you worry, you will someday...to somebody else.' She's one in a million!"

-Susie Park
Devoted Student

"I was recommended to meet Barbara by a close working associate. Though I was very skeptical at first, I was immediately drawn to the love and sincerity of Barbara upon meeting her. You immediately sense a feeling of "home" envelope you and find yourself at peace to listen to what she has to tell you. Her accuracy blew me over and I have not failed to recommend her to all my friends and they have responded to me that she is quite incredible as I have mentioned and that she now is considered a friend in their hearts too."

-Ricardo Martin

"Dear Barbara,

I want to thank you for your help in the matter of (omitted to protect victim's family). The information you have provided has helped locate (name omitted to protect wanted person's family), a man who is wanted for solicitation to commit murder.
If I may be of any service to you or if anyone has any questions regarding your services please do not hesitate to contact me at the above address. Thank you once again for your help."

-Michael D. Murrin

"Before my first reading with Barbara I was a skeptic. My agent at the time wouldn't stop insisting
that I had to see her for myself, so I finally gave in. During my session I realized that she was no fake or fortune teller, but that she was in fact truly gifted with talents not fully understood by science.

It was only later that I became aware of her highly specialized work in remote viewing for powerful

Agencies, extensive work in criminology, and that she is also the first Psychic Artist in the world whose work is registered with the Smithsonian. She is truly an incredible woman. She has since become a very good friend as well as my teacher, and I feel that I have grown exponentially psychically and spiritually in the short amount of time that I have known her."

-Alisa Chompupong
Makeup artist/Actress/Illustrator

I first met Barbara on January 12th 1982 in Yorba Linda, California. Back then I was drowned in a family business crisis. After an exhaustive search for a resolution and as a last resort, I ran into Barbara for much needed direction. Barbara guided me through those dark days and even today, much brighter days, I must admit.

Barbara successfully guided me through the corporate ladder and helped me narrow some of my options when purchasing different businesses. As family crisis and personal issues came up, Barbara was there for us. Today with two kids, a beautiful wife and a good business I look back at some of those dark days and thank Barbara for being there for us.
I consider Barbara as a family friend, my mentor and a confidant with an extra sense. She believed in me more than I believed in myself.

Jas Sangha

I have known Barbara for well over twenty (20) years. She has helped me through all of my most traumatizing life events, including Divorce, law school, career move, and the death of my mother. She has enlightened me and opened the door to self healing and self direction through Spirituality. Barbara is a visionary and is truly gifted. Every event she told me about happened. She describes then im detail. She can "see" through people and describe their inner most feelings and thoughts. Whether you want to accept the outcome or not it eventually will be made known to you just as Barbara described. What I have found amazing is that years later while listening to her recorded sessions I can trace her accuracy at about 90%. The other 10% most likely hasn't happened yet. She has done reading for my son and other family members and friends with the same accuracy. Barbara doesn't use tarot cards or other gimmicks. Her gift is strong and she has made a positive influence on my life.

-Nicole Hausmann

"Barbara's vision and guidance for me were truly amazing. Her advice and
insights were so profound that I decided to make a transcript of the
audiotape of my session. The act of transcribing the tape really drove her
messages into my subconscious. Plus, then I had the written document to
read and study!"
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