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Scientists assert that we only use a small portion of our potential mental powers, leaving the vast majority untapped and often misunderstood. What happens when an individual becomes attuned to this neglected reservoir and works to develop it? What are the boundaries of the human mind... do we know? And are we willing to accept what may not be easily understood?

Barbara is one of America's foremost professional psychics. As her skills have grown and diversified over the years, so has her creativity in using them to benefit and teach others.

Barbara's first experience of paranormal skill came in the context of a mini art course in 1976. While in a semi-trance state, eyes closed, she spontaneously completed several paintings of extraordinarily brilliant color and spiritual content, in a matter of minutes. By the end of this two-week mini course, sponsored by the Carlsbad/Oceanside Parks and Recreation, Barbara was elected first vice president of The Art Guild of Carlsbad and Oceanside. Her elaborate oil paintings drew the attention of the curator of the Museum of Fine Arts in Balboa Park, San Diego, California, and later in 1980, the Smithsonian Institute.

Since then, she has participated in numerous criminal investigations, as well as lab and field research where her ability has been thoroughly and publicly tested. She was featured in the BBC/Nova’s "Horizons in ESP", the CBS documentary "Psychic Phenomena", and television appearances, including CNN's Larry King Live. Barbara is known internationally for her accurate psychic analyses, psychic art -automatism, premonitions and ongoing contributions to police, FBI, private investigations and parapsychology research.

In 1978, Barbara predicted the PSA airline crash in San Diego (depicted in one of her psychic drawings), a prediction recorded in the Hefley Report and in broadcast news. In the 1980's, Barbara underwent extensive psychic testing what culminated in validated, "high-accuracy" ratings with the well-respected Mobius Society, an association of scientists. Her work in missing person cases and other criminal investigations is also recorded in newspaper accounts.

Barbara's psychic analysis of the infamous Hillside Strangler case led to her career as a Psychic Crime Analyst. Her reputation is impeccable, and acknowledged internationally by law enforcement professionals including the FBI. Although the majority of Barbara's contributions are classified, some publicized cases include: The Yorkshire Ripper of England, The Bird Rock Mystery in San Diego, California, The Costa Mesa Murderer, and a series of Atlanta, Georgia murders.

In December, 1996 the Daily News published Barbara's national predictions for the year 1997, documenting a direct hit on each one. Her first published national predictions in the 1979 periodical, "The Unicom Guide", also proved to be 100% correct. Barbara's record may be the most accurate and documented of any psychic since Edgar Cayce.

IGMT (Intergovernmental Management Training) presented Barbara with the HOPE award following her 1997 "Creating A Village" presentation. Other speakers included representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy, Social Security Administration, Environmental Programs Management, and the California Department of Corrections.

In September of 2004, writer, Edrick Thay published his Haunted Cemeteries featuring Barbara’s work on the legendary Pink Lady Ghost Story. Thay takes a closer look at the life and work of Barbara in his 2005 book release; Premonitions and Psychic Warnings.


Currently Barbara is consulting via her private practice, through which she conducts exclusive readings for her clients, teaches, writes articles and participates in paranormal investigations. Barbara functions as a consultant advisor for film and television. Barbara also counsels various areas of corporate strategic operations and employee management. Her website, Starmerge.Com now offers print productions of her original psychic oil paintings of which her abilities were first discovered in the 1970’s. Her clientele includes celebrities, business executives and law enforcement professionals, as well as private individuals who utilize her psychic information to enrich their lives.

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