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Predicting in the wake of a dispirited economy and a dying Bush Administration may be a rather contentious subject but the majority of our populace wants to know “just where we stand in 2008 here in the United States”. The following has been prepared to give you a few insights and perhaps an advantage on 2008 preparedness.

  • The basic energy of 2008 is stability and strength in a weak and unstable U.S. economy. This sort of power will be the hidden instigator of tensions and misunderstandings in all areas of everyday life. Therefore look at the underlying influence of any issue that may come up at work or home. 
  • It is a turbulent year in natural disasters particularly tidal waves, possibly a tsunami. It is not unusual to see earthquakes and slides here in California but it is rather unusual to see several scattered around the world all in one year.  Good grief; the hurricanes are just wild next year
  • Global warming has long been a major concern world wide and finally the United States will become a team player in support of scientific efforts.  
  • Election years have always been exciting years for Americans. I am expecting to see many twists and turns in the upcoming elections before the Republicans give way to our new Democrat leader.  There will be events in the world that leave us wondering if we will even have an election.  Back in the year 1999 I had stated in my forecast, “in the first fifteen years of the new millennium a woman will be named President of the United States” Psychic predictions are not fixed and can be altered. We can certainly alter this one! The candidates all look promising and wow check out who Opra is supporting- how cool is that! 
  • Inflation is global and very few countries can compete with industrious China but 2008 shows a positive change as industries begin to push sophisticated services, education, and manufacturing into those nations who have been of a disadvantage. Wages will slightly increase.  
  • The writers strike in Hollywood ends early in the year bringing much needed relief to all those in the industry and those dependant on them. In general the lack of strong investors in 2008 weakens the Entertainment Industry. The literary world, on the other hand, will favor much better.
  • It never ceases to amaze me what new discoveries will be unveiled each year in space. A new planet is one of those grand discoveries in 2008 as well as an extraordinary discovery right here on earth as remains of an ancient being are uncovered. “Could this be proof of the existence of ET?” 
  • We have all suffered the property market in 2007 when thousands of home owners across America were doomed to foreclosures and bankruptcy.  It will be a buyers market with fantastic real estate opportunities. Perhaps we can recoup some of our losses.  
  • The stock market will be slow and cautious but steady. I don’t detect an all time low or high in 2008.
  • Another profitable year is ahead for high tech and internet business.


Happy Holidays Everybody. Have a Blessed year.


Starmerge News

Thanks to you, we are growing and attracting more kindred souls who are dedicated to creating positive, productive change for each and every one. Together we are creating a new alignment and balance to the essential energies of world peace and life abundance. 

Here at our on-line home you can now read articles on our Blog that educate, enlighten and support your inner evolutional process or order books, prints and services from our store that are geared to empower you with what it is that you need rather than add more clutter in your life.

What’s New

Welcome to our new Book Store 

We are so encouraged that Barb’s first book, 7 ORACLES Prophecy and Tools for Empowerment gained enough popularity as an e-book that we can now offer it to you in a 33 page paperback on Starmerge. 

Her latest addition is a very easy, practical workbook titled, PSYCHIC EMPOWERMENT, it is a great companion to 7 ORACLES or it can be used alone. Everyone can pull out their inner psychic with these easy to follow instructions.

These books are unique gifts that empower people to create new realities and make a difference. They share that feeling with someone else…before long, a new world reality for the greater good is manifesting.

 We are offering both books together at a discounted price at this time.



Our beloved print of Earth Mother continues to project beauty, compassion and avalanches of celestial guidance to those who have received her throughout the world. It is the time of the goddess to channel her wisdom to our evolving planet.

Earth Mother is a magnificent gift any time of the year but it is especially perfect during the Holiday Season. 


Until we meet again,

Love, Laugh, and Live Well



Starmerge News

Welcome our newly redesigned Starmerge.Com. There have been lots of changes happening behind the scenes during these last few months. I hope you like the new format!

What's News?

The New Starmerge Art Gallery Section

We've launched our art gallery, a beautiful, unique collection of genuine psychic art - automatism created and documented in the 1970’s. Originating from the most intimate form of trance communication of the unconscious mind with spirit, these images speak to the deepest celestial regions of your soul. Essentially, they are transmitting a signal to awaken the spirit within to become a participant, active in taking part in the totality of creation.

It is evident that the energy emanating from the original oil paintings are present in our elegant photo copy prints. Some of those who purchased our first print, Earth Mother, launched in July, have had some extraordinary metaphysical experiences, received personal messages as well as messages on a global scale with a deep understanding of their own lives and purpose, together, with the times we live.

We will continue to evaluate your experiences. Your reviews are important and a valuable consideration for paranormal study.

Come on in and browse our gallery and see what moves you, what touches you, which one speaks to you and transforms your day.

Thank you for visiting.

Profile Featured this month: "Mo Hainer"

Mo Kough-Hainer
By Barbara Garcia

Mo is a free spirited adventurous woman gifted in the art of healing. The word "no" does not resonate with Mo nor did age or gender have any significance to anything she decided to accomplish in her (70 something) years of age. Her zest in life is powered by a strong belief and faith in her spirituality; a true pioneer in the unexplained.

Mo’s ability to receive visions from a higher power is evident in her spiritual analysis of the "Earth Mother" print. Her purchase was among the very first prints sold on Starmerge. When we read her letter we felt so humbled and spiritually moved of what could only be described as Devine that we published it on our website. (See product section, "Customer Feedback")

Behind Mo are so many credits and accomplishments that it would take a book to elaborate. It is her spiritually optimistic attitude toward all the obstacles and hurdles in her life that we can all learn from. Some of these hurdles were depicted in her psychic readings with me and were later published in "Premonitions and Psychic Warnings" by Edrick Thay in 2005. During her many years of study with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Raymond Moody, M.D. and Carl Simonton, M.D., Mo completed her Masters Degree in Human Development at the young and tender age of 56.

In her booklet, "What About Me" Mo addresses the special needs, awareness and emotional issues of the caregiver after many years of caring for her ailing husband. During those incredibly difficult years Mo became certified in the field of Thanatology, an extensive scientific study of death, the grief experienced by the deceased’s loved ones and the social attitudes toward death.

Her battle with her own cancer proved to be just another hurdle to go through for Mo. She describes her victories, "I’ve been living with hurdles all my life. The more I’ve gone through, the easier they are to go over... I welcome each day with a smile and I’m grateful to be alive".

Mo is also a Reverend and has recently returned from England, Scotland and Ireland with the Madonna Ministry. She is currently working on an Indian Reservation in Minnesota helping with everything from child care to the emotional needs of adults. Her gift of laughter and love of life is infectious and when asked "what is her secret to a long life and happiness", she states, "We live until we die, so I love to live."

"What about Me" by Mo Hainer


"Premonitions and Psychic Warnings" by Edrick Thay

Available at: Amazon.Com

Welcome to our new Starmerge Blog.

Do you know about blogs? We are just learning about the Blog world and all those nifty little features and hope to provide insights, advice, and explore all subjects that could possibly be a curiosity under the title of Psi Journal. Please, by all means drop by and post your opinion, insights, and advice or just to say hello at Barb’s Place.

The Genesis; The Story of My Paintings

The first of five existing paintings in a series of six, "Earth Mother", was painted by Barbara Soblewski Garcia in 1976 while in a 42 hour trance. "Earth Mother" gained fame worldwide in the late 1970’s. She was also on display at the historical "I am Woman" conference in San Diego, California in 1978." In 1980 "Earth Mother", accompanied by Dr. H. Heddie Uyeda and Barbara, journeyed to the Smithsonian in Washington DC to be viewed, photographed, and filed.

Barbara's Story:

"Since early childhood, I have experienced strong psychic impressions but did not understand them when I was younger. One summer in the early 1970’s I took an oil painting class and experienced a phenomenon that changed my life forever. It was as though an angel took my hand and painted beautiful pictures."

"During that same time, I visited the Santa Ysabel Mission just outside of San Diego, California and saw a vision. It vanished before I could comprehend its' meaning. Immediately following this mysterious vision, a beautiful voice spoke to me and revealed that six major works of art were destined to be... I was to be the artist."

"I then began painting these paintings while I was in a trance, some sessions lasting up to 42 hours. Those paintings were only half of the two worlds of psychic art in which I existed. The other world was that of psychic renderings relating to individual readings or subject matter in criminology."

"What was equally as fascinating was that all of the canvases and art materials magically came to me. I did not purchase one brush. All of the necessary tools appeared from different people and circumstances synchronously. It still just blows me away that all the canvases were the same size and for five years, they would come at the end of each year. The sixth painting has yet to be painted. To date there are five existing paintings. "The Healer" painted in 1978 was sold, ironically, to a healing temple in Arizona. It was the only one I felt moved to let go. Shortly after I sold "The Healer", I spoke with the buyer who told me stories about some sort of light energy emanating from the painting."
"I have always known in my heart that the messages contained in these paintings needed to be shared with the world in the perfect timing.

"That opportunity has finally come."

Keep Checking Back With Us:

We are doing our best to make this amazing art available as soon as possible. Supply will be limited, therefore, the prints will be available on a first come, first serve basis. We are working to also be able to offer "Earth Father", "OHM I", and "Alpha Theta Omega" in the near future so please do keep checking back. We invite you to share your experiences:

Even when people view "Earth Mother" online (see the articles section on they are often drawn deeper into the image. This, of course, does not compare to actually sitting in front of one of the "Earth Mother" prints. There are countless messages from beyond depicted in vivid color contained in this magnificent work of art. Due to the powerful energies even the prints emit, we invite you to share your experiences once you have placed yours in your environment.

Framing your print

We do not sell mattes and frames with our artwork at this time. Perhaps in the future this will be an option that we could offer. Framing works of art is an optional personal choice. Some people choose not to frame their art at all.
If you are a conscious decorator we suggest that you choose your own matte and frame style to suit the room your art is displayed
Introducing Richard Garcia

It is a pleasure to finally introduce you to Richard Garcia who has been behind the scenes at Starmerge for many years. Richard is responsible for bringing to you our new product line and has taken on the task of Production-Business Manager. This change occurred when he retired from many years at The Boeing Company this past May.

I’m certain you will like Richard. Some of you may already know him.

If you have any questions regarding your order, you can contact him here.

Message from Barbara
Until next time,
"Love, Laugh and Live Well."

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